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Midgard for Pathfinder [BUNDLE]

Midgard for Pathfinder [BUNDLE]

Midgard Campaign Setting

Midgard brings to life a world of dark fantasy drawn from the great European traditions. You’ll find ley lines and deep magic; the Western Waste’s giant, shambling horrors and magic-blasted landscapes; and the schemes of immortal Baba Yaga. 

In this bundle, get five of the bestselling Midgard books published for PFRPG. 

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Psionics for PFRPG [BUNDLE]

Psionics for PFRPG [BUNDLE]

Prepare to Unleash Your Mind!

In this bundle, not only do you get the bestselling Ultimate Psionics tome, but five other supplements to help you unleash the powert of your character's mind: Psionic Bestiary, Mythic Psionics, and more!

Also included is The Art of Psionics, featuring art from various Dreamscarred Press books.

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Genius Starfarer [BUNDLE]

Genius Starfarer [BUNDLE]

Rogue Genius Presents!

This bundle from Rogue Genius Games (and Paizo luminary Owen K.C. Stephens) includes the bestselling Starfarer's Companion, plus five other titles designed for your Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. 

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Infinite Space Starfinder Bundle [BUNDLE]

Infinite Space Starfinder Bundle [BUNDLE]

Get Lost in Space!

This collection of twelve supplements from LPJ Design includes new races, new tech, new classes and archetypes, starships, creatures, and more for your Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. 

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